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  • myfelt Franz Place Mat / Table Mat green, round, Ø 36 cm
  • myfelt Franz Felt Ball-Table Mat green, round, Ø 36 cm
  • myfelt Franz Place Mat green, round, Ø 36 cm

Place Mat Franz

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Ø 36 cm
1 pcs.
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The green, round place mat Franz (36 cm), made from pure, untreated New Zealand virgin wool, not only protects your table, but also brings liveliness to the table with its fresh, natural design. Myfelt place mats are dirt and water repellent.

Delivery time: 7–13 working days
Size: Ø 36 cm
Height: 0.6″ / 1.5 cm
Weight: 290 g
Material: New Zealand virgin wool
Purely natural product
5-Year Warranty
Certified by GoodWeave