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Felt ball rugs, also called felt ball carpets or felt bobble rugs, from myfelt are a great eye catcher for every room! Be it a subtle gray carpet for the bedroom, an elegant white living room carpet or a playful, colorful carpet for a child’s room: with a myfelt felt ball carpet, you are always on the right side, even when you need a carpet in red, blue, pink or brown. Myfelt carpets are purely natural products, extremely durable, long-lasting and stain-repellent.

Myfelt offers round, rectangular and square felt ball rugs in many different sizes. Standard diameters for round felt ball carpets are: ⌀ 50 cm, ⌀ 70 cm, ⌀ 90 cm, ⌀ 120 cm, ⌀ 140 cm, ⌀ 160 cm, ⌀ 180 cm, ⌀ 200 cm, ⌀ 250 cm and ⌀ 300 cm. Rectangular carpets have a standard size of 30x50 cm, 50x70 cm, 70x100 cm, 90x130cm, 120x170 cm, 140x200 cm, 160x230 cm, 180x260 cm and 200x300 cm. Square carpets have the standard sizes of 50x50 cm, 80x80cm, 100x100 cm, 150x150 cm, 200x200 cm, 250x250 cm and 300x300 cm. We have the right size for every bedroom, living room, children’s room or hallway. At request, we will custom produce a felt ball carpet in any shape or size that you wish. Just use our free inquiry form for special sizes.

Our unique felt ball rugs are manufactured using the finest handwork, like all of our other products. We only employ adults that are the utmost trained handworkers in our manufactory in Nepal, who are compensated far beyond average for their work. For this reason, myfelt is currently the only felt ball rug manufacturer in the world to receive the fair trade seal from GoodWeave International. Since 1995, the organization has been successfully committed to fighting child labor and ensuring fair working conditions for carpet production. Myfelt meets very strict requirements and guarantees GoodWeave employees permanent access to our manufactory for control visits without notice. We emphasize the fair and transparent production with guarantee certificates and unique serial numbers for each felt carpet.

The high-quality felt for myfelt carpets consists of 100% select New Zealand wool that is sustainable and environmentally-friendly produced, and receives its final characteristic color in a fair trade dye work certified by “Label STEP®.” This is done strictly on the basis of ecological standards and completely without the use of chemical additives. We feel it is our responsibility to humanity and nature to produce purely natural carpets that can enliven a child’s room. Each and every felt ball is hand-rolled into its shape and size, using a process exclusively developed by myfelt, to be sewed into a durable and long-lasting carpet. Using this method, we create masterpieces of up to 50,000 single handmade felt balls.

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