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Place Mats / Table Sets

The high-quality and handmade myfelt Placemats not only protect your table, they also look uniquely beautiful! Of course they are handmade and fairly trade!

Myfelt felt ball table sets, also called place mats, are a high-quality eye catcher for every table, no matter if in the kitchen or in the dining room. Are you searching for an elegant table set in a subtle color, or perhaps a colorful place mat?

The table sets are available in round or rectangle form, with a diameter of 36cm or a size of 35x45cm. Table sets can be purchased individually or in a group of 4 with a 10% discount.

Myfelt table sets are produced with the greatest care and handmade skill from experienced and well-trained handworkers in Nepal. Fair working conditions and payment that are far above the local standard are inherent to myfelt’s corporate philosophy. For this reason, we have received the seal of approval from GoodWeave International and have fulfilled the highest of labor law standards.

Myfelt table sets consist of 100% New Zealand shear wool from sustainable production. They are naturally long-living, easy to care for, and stain-resistant.

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